Why social enterprises should collaborate with students?

Students have a name for being drastic, with every new generation demonstrating actively for various causes of the current times as they initiate to express interest in politics. Nowadays, students are also keen to pursue careers that have a positive influence on society and it appears that time is ripe for social enterprises to invest in and work together with the student workforce. Social enterprises therefore can be viewed as a means for students to proactively address real-world issues together with the satisfaction of bringing a change themselves. Nevertheless, with the increasing rate of unemployment among young students, the social sector can get involved and do more to nurture the talent of students of the next generation. In this regard, it is also extremely important to understand how a social enterprise can acquire benefits from working with the student workforce.

To utilise the skill set of students

Social enterprises can think about collaborating and working with student workforces as they have wide skill sets. It can be seen that the majority of the students leave their academics with pertinent and transferable skills for places of work, which can be effectively utilized and implemented directly to address the challenges encountered when developing a social venture. Therefore, the student workforce can be a good source of creative talent for social enterprises that can help in building a global brand. Their digital skills can be used for handling and endorsing the social enterprise online through social media, and their social science skills can help in understanding the behaviour of customers, and analytical skills can assist in evaluating the available opportunities for attaining growth. Their superior levels of proficiency, skills, and abilities, can certainly offer a decent return on investment for social enterprises.

Utilising creative approaches of students

Students can put forward fresh and innovative ideas and present unique perspectives to the social venture. Again, tech-savvy students who are well acquainted with the latest innovations can add remarkable value to the social enterprise whether be it in the area of product development or development of internal systems, management of external communication, or relationship management.

Collaboration with talented student social enterprises

There is an increase in the number of students starting their social ventures to mitigate specific social challenges and taking up social entrepreneurship as a feasible career option. This certainly presents a stimulating opportunity for proven social enterprises to operate in collaboration with student start-ups.

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